On this page you will find media news reports of NISAN's projects during the last 2 years. For older items please refer to our archived media page.

December 19, 2018: Q&A with Professor Valery Feigin, with the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, Washington, USA, regarding the major findings of a recent lifetime stroke risk paper.

Stroke and Stroke Riskometer

Publication August 2018: Valery Feigin, Bo Norrving, Cathie L.M. Sudlow, Ralph L. Sacco (2018). Updated criteria for population-based stroke and Transient Ischemic Attack incidence studies for the 21st century. Stroke. 49:00-00. DOI: 10.1161/STROKEAHA.118.022161

Rita Krishnamurthi was interviewed about stroke awareness and prevention in Maori and Pacific people. Radio Waatea, 5 October 2017.

Drug of choice. Interview with Valery Feigin and others about a daily dose of aspirin. NZ Listener, 5-11 August 2017.

Stroke: New Zealand's preventable $3 billion problem. Interview with Prof. Valery Feigin in the Newsroom, 31 May 2017.

Traumatic Brain Injury

"Worse than hell" - life behind bars with a traumatic brain injury.Alice Theadom interviewd on News Hub, 6 May 2018

Mild concussions can impact daily function up to four years on, new research shows. Article featuring Alice Theadom., 3 February 2018.

Traumatic brain injury and dementia. Alice Theadom interviewed on Radio New Zealand, 1 February 2018.

Heads put together to help 35,000 Kiwi concussion sufferers. NZ Herald, 187 November 2017. Alice Theadom mentioned in an article about the inaugural two-day Brain Storm: Heads Together For Concussion Conference, spearheaded by Geneva Healthcare and ABI Rehabilitation, held in Hastings.

Head cases. Dominion Post. 17 June 2017 Article on 17 June 2017

Brain Research New Zealand

New Zealand has world-class brain research expertise. The creation of Brain Research New Zealand (BRNZ) is an acknowledgement by the government and the scientific community of our immense capabilities in neuroscience across the nation. BRNZ draws upon this nation-wide expertise with the formation of a supportive, collaborative and cooperative research group across New Zealand - a move that's so far unprecedented. We bring together multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary knowledge and a passion for visionary research and community engagement that will improve health outcomes for New Zealanders.

Professor Valery Feigin's Globally Endorsed Stroke Prevention App

Global Burden of Disease Study

Interview with Valery Feigin at the World Congress of Neurology about the global burden of nuerological diseases, September, 2017.