Stroke Riskometer app


To download the app, please click on the relevant link below. The app is available at the App Store and Google Play, and is free of charge in all languages.

The Stroke Riskometer consists of a unique and easy to use tool for assessing your individual stroke related risk, and provides internationally recognised stroke guidelines on managing the risk factors to help you reduce your five to ten year stroke risk.

  • Calculate your 5 and 10 year stroke risk based on the most up-to-date identified major risk factors used by many doctors.
  • Recommendations on stroke and heart attack prevention based on your personal stroke risk profile.
  • You can change the details you enter in the Stroke Riskometer calculator to see what impact changes to risk factors can have your stroke risk.
  • Contains videos by experts with advice on:
    - What is a stroke?
    - What are the causes of a stroke?
    - Diet and nutrition
    - Smoking
    - Relaxation
  • Share your experiences with family and friends on Facebook

The Stroke Riskometer app is currently available in 19 languages, and more are being added all the time.

Download the iOS version from the App store. You can access it in these languages: Bengali, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, English, French, German, Greek (Cyprus), Hindi, Italian, Malay, Mandarin (Chinese), Nepali, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai.  You can also scan the QR code

Download the Android version from Google Play. You can also scan the QR code.

Screenshot of the Stroke Riskometer
Screenshot of the Stroke Riskometer
Screenshot of the Stroke Riskometer
Screenshot of the Stroke Riskometer