Stroke Riskometer & PreventS

We are proudly working with Stroke Central New Zealand Inc., Paraparaumu, Kapiti Coast, New Zealand. Professor Valery Feigin was appointed as their honorary Medical Director in 2019.

Stroke Riskometer app

PreventS app

For more details about the Stroke Riskometer app or the PreventS app, see below.

The Stroke Riskometer mobile app (Smartphone-based)

Did you know 1 in 4 people experience a stroke in their lifetime? Up to 80% of strokes are preventable and a tool has been developed to help you.

Developed in collaboration with international leaders in stroke prevention, the Stroke RiskometerTM app is an award winning and easy-to-use tool for measuring your individual risk of a stroke. The app is able to calculate your risk through evaluating a series of risk factors such as age, gender, ethnicity, lifestyle and other health factors that directly influence your likelihood of a stroke within the next five and ten years. It will supply essential information on how you can reduce your chance of having a stroke and will monitor your risk as you start to modify your personal risk factors. The app is suitable for people aged 20 - 90+ 

The app project already involves over 300 renowned stroke experts from 102 countries, making it the largest international collaborative mobile health project in the world.

The app is free of charge and available in 19 languages, meaning it is now available for 70% of the world's population (5.3 billion people). It is available from the App Store, or Google Play. For further details and to download the app, click here.

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Users of the Stroke Riskometer app can elect to join an international research study, RiBURST, where they can submit their data to help us better understand stroke, its risk factors and develop global prevention strategies.


PreventS web-app (Cloud-based software)

The PreventS webapp is built on the Stroke Riskometer mobile app but designed for clinicians who can use it in conjunction with the electronic patient management system of outpatient clinics and hospitals. By communicating with the electronic patient management system of the health provider it allows semi-automatic collection of information on stroke risk factors to calculate an absolute and relative 5-year risk of stroke and generate patient-tailored recommendations for primary and secondary stroke prevention for the individual patient.

PreventS will help healthcare professionals and policy makers to enhance their electronic patient management systems by providing a tool to improve prevention of stroke and other major NCDs that share common risk factors with stroke. The wider community will benefit from the use of the PreventS webapp by becoming more aware of their own risk of stroke and the modifiable lifestyle changes that can be changed in order to reduce the risk.

PRIME study (A Clinicians’ and Patients’ Survey to examine PreventS for Primary Stroke Prevention)

This 3-month study aims to examine clinicians’ as well as patients’ perspectives about the usability of the PreventS app for stroke prevention in clinical practice and to update the PreventS system based on their feedback.

The PreventS webapp is also being trialled in Brazil, in a study led by professor Sheila Martins, Pragmatic, factorial, cluster randomised controlled trial on primary stroke prevention in Brazil.