Digital solutions for brain health

This programme encompasses all of our current and planned digital health-related projects.PERKS

PERKS study (PERsonalised Knowledge to reduce the risk of Stroke). An international trial study to compare two different ways of showing people their risk factors for stroke. We will test whether one method is better than the other at helping people to manage their stroke risk factors.

PRIME study (A Clinicians’ and Patients’ Survey to examine PreventS for Primary Stroke Prevention). This study aims to examine clinicians’ as well as patients’ perspectives about the usability of the PreventS app for stroke prevention in clinical practice and to update the PreventS system based on their feedback.

PreventS-MD study The PreventS-MD webapp will help healthcare professionals and policy makers to enhance their electronic patient management systems by providing a tool to improve prevention of stroke and other major NCDs that share common risk factors with stroke.

RIBURST study (Reducing the International Burden of Stroke Using Mobile Technology). Users of the Stroke Riskometer app can elect to join this international research study, where they can submit their data to help us better understand stroke, its risk factors and develop global prevention strategies.

Stroke Riskometer

Stroke Riskometer app projects for stroke awareness and prevention Developed in collaboration with international leaders in stroke prevention, the Stroke RiskometerTM app is an award winning and easy-to-use tool for measuring your individual risk of a stroke.

logo TIIPS

TIIPS study (Trial of an Individualised Intervention for the Prevention of Stroke).  This study will determine if Health Wellness Coaching will lead to clinically meaningful improvements in lifestyle behaviours and reduce the risk for secondary vascular events including major stroke. The Stroke Riskometer app is used as a part of the HWC toolkit.