Research Programmes

We conduct research in the following areas.

  • Digital solutions for brain health
  • Stroke epidemiology and prevention
  • Acquired Brain Injury 
  • Dementia epidemiology and prevention

The goals of NISAN and the themes of its research, are as follows:

  • Advancing knowledge in the field of health and rehabilitation, through high quality innovative research into living with a neurological condition
  • Trials of management and rehabilitation interventions, to test affordable and widely applicable treatment strategies to inform recovery
  • Population health research (e.g., epidemiological studies) and systematic reviews, to inform future clinical trials
  • Fostering collaborative public health and rehabilitation research into prevention, restoration and adaptation associated with neurological illness and injury
  • Exploring the impact of neurological disease (including TBI) and impairment on people and their family/whanau, in relation to their ability to participate in activities and roles that are important to them
  • Encouraging students to undertake research in population/community health and rehabilitation
  • Promoting and disseminating findings of population health and neurorehabilitation research at a national and international level
  • Developing and promoting professional and public brain injury/neuroscience education, including development and implementation of Public Health curricula