RIBURST (Reducing the International Burden of Stroke Using Mobile Technology): The Stroke Riskometer research project

You can elect to join this international research study, where your data will help us better understand stroke and its risk factors and to develop global prevention strategies.

What is RIBURST?

RIBURST is an international collaborative study that aims to better understand the risk factors associated with stroke, heart attack, dementia and diabetes mellitus and to assess how much influence each risk factor has on the likelihood of having a stroke, heart attack, dementia and diabetes mellitus in the future.

As at 2016, the Stroke Riskometer app already involved over 300 renowned stroke experts from 102 countries making it the largest  international collaborative mobile health project in the world.

You can contribute to this study by submitting your results through the app - this will help researchers better understand stroke, heart attack, dementia and diabetes mellitus to improve prevention of these devastating disorders within your own and the international community.

The study is conducted according to the internationally accepted Good Clinical Practice Guidelines and relevant regional regulatory (Ethics) Committee) requirements. Your participation is completely voluntary. Please see the Research section of the Stroke Riskometer app for more information on the study and the consent form.

The study has been approved by Auckland University of Technology Ethics Committee on 22/07/2014 – AUTEC Reference number 14/201.

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