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We are interested to know which research groups are using or are keen to start using the Stroke Riskometer app for research purposes. Please submit details of any current or previous Stroke Riskometer app-based study/clinical trial to us, by completing the form below.

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  • - Raise the number of citations of your publication of the study results, by colleagues working in the field of stroke epidemiology and prevention
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  • - Get advice and ongoing support on your Stroke Riskometer-based study

NOTE: If you use the Stroke Riskometer data or app in your research you must acknowledge this in any relevant publications or presentations. Please use the following wording: "We acknowledge the use of Stroke Riskometer data /the Stroke Riskometer app in this study. The Stroke Riskometer app was developed by and is copyrighted by Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand”.

Once you have submitted this form, we will add the details of your study to the website, where it will be public for all to see.

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