Join the RIBURST study as a scientific collaborator

The RIBURST study (Reducing the International Burden of Stroke Using Mobile Technology) is an international collaborative longitudinal study that aims to better understand the risk factors associated with stroke, cardiovascular events, dementia and diabetes mellitus and to assess how much influence each risk factor has on the likelihood of having a stroke, heart attack, dementia and diabetes mellitus in the future. If you are interested in the assessment of stroke risk, monitoring of stroke risk factors in your population, or evaluation of efficiency of preventative programmes and their impact on the stroke burden, you may apply to become a RIBURST collaborator.

RIBURST collaborators are granted access to the data collected from the RIBURST participants from their corresponding countries.

Benefits of being a scientific collaborator:

  • - Be informed on other RIBURST-based studies
  • - Suggest your protocols for future international studies
  • - Participate in international RIBURST data analysis
  • - Be a co-author of international RIBURST publications

NOTE: If you use the Stroke Riskometer data or app in your research you must acknowledge this in any relevant publications or presentations. Please use the following wording: "We acknowledge the use of Stroke Riskometer data /the Stroke Riskometer app in this study. The Stroke Riskometer app was developed by and is copyrighted by Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand”.

Once you have submitted this form, we will send you the collaborator agreement for completion, along with other relevant information, and the next steps.

I would like to join the RIBURST study as a scientific collaborator

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