Covid-19 Children & youth with brain injury

COVID-19 impacts among a multinational cohort of children and youth with brain injury

COVID children with TBI

Principal Investigator (New Zealand): Dr. Kelly Jones


The overarching aim of this study is to undertake a multinational survey to determine the impacts of COVID-19 on children and youth with brain injury (BI) to identify opportunities to support well-being. It will use a cross-sectional, observational, multinational online survey examining parent /caregiver and self-reported effects of COVID-19 on children and youth with BI.

This project is a collaboration between Kelly Jones (PI NZ) and paediatric researchers based in the UK, Italy Canada and the USA.

Findings will provide a snapshot of the impacts of COVID-19 and related restrictions in a multinational setting and may reveal opportunities to support children, youth, and their families during the pandemic to support well-being.