Enzogenol supplementation for improving cognitive function in post-TBI subjects: a pilot study


  • V Feigin (AUT University)
  • A Theadom (AUT University)
  • S, Barker-Collo (Auckland University)
  • S Mahon (AUT University)
  • K McPherson (AUT University)
  • E Rush (AUT University)

This pilot study aimed to explore the safety of a herbal supplement, Enzogenol, in people who had experienced a mild traumatic brain injury (injury caused by an external force to the head).  This study was carried out as the herbal supplement, Enzogenol has not previously been tested in this population.  We also wanted to see if there were any trends between use of the supplement and cognitive functioning (memory) to identify if a full clinical trial is warranted.

60 adults who were 6-12 months post mild-TBI and who had been experiencing persisting cognitive deficits were recruited through ABI Rehabilitation Management and Integrated Partners in Health concussion clinics in Auckland and through self-referral via local media.

Participants were chosen at random to receive either the Enzogenol supplement or a placebo for a six-week period. All participants then received the supplement for the subsequent six weeks before taking a placebo (dummy pill) for the final 4 weeks. Assessments of cognitive functioning were conducted at baseline, 6, 12 and 16 week follow up. A significant decrease in the frequency of cognitive failures was revealed in the group taking the supplement for the first 6 weeks in comparison to those taking placebo. Improvements in cognitive functioning continued to be observed for those taking the supplement for a subsequent 6 weeks period.

Although the findings were positive, as this was a pilot study of a small number of participants, a full clinical trial will be needed to determine if Enzogenol does improve memory for people following brain injury. The supplement was only tested in people following a mild brain injury and further testing will be required to ensure safety in people following moderate to severe brain injury, stroke and other neurological conditions.

This project was funded by ENZO Nutraceuticals, and was completed in 2012.