BIONIC: Brain Injury Outcomes New Zealand in the Community. Traumatic brain injury burden in New Zealand: a population-based incidence and outcomes study

Contact:  Dr Kelly Jones -

Traumatic brain injury burden in New Zealand: A population-based incidence and outcomes study

This is a prospective population-based study that aims to register all cases of traumatic brain injury that occur in the Hamilton and Waikato districts (a general population representative of New Zealand) between 1st March 2010 and 28th Feb 2011 (173,208 rural and urban residents). All new cases of TBI will be ascertained over a 12 month period using prospective and retrospective surveillance, and all participants will be followed up over 12 months.

Complete case ascertainment will be assured by multiple overlapping sources of information for all new hospitalised and non-hospitalised TBI cases (fatal and non-fatal). Capture-recapture analysis will be conducted.

This will include all private and public hospitals and emergency departments (e.g. surgery & neurosurgery departments), CT/MRI records, hospital discharge register, coroner/autopsy records, death certificates, community health services (GP practices, rehabilitation/outpatient clinics), Accident and Medical Centres in Hamilton and Waikato districts, ACC and NHIS databases for all fatal/non-fatal TBIs and self referral.

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Funded by the Health Research Council, the study was completed November 2012.