Completed projects

BIONICAL - A follow-up of the children from our TBI incidence study to explore if there has been any impact on their development in comparison to TBI-free children. Contact: Dr Kelly Jones -

BIONIC: Brain Injury Outcomes New Zealand in the Community.  Traumatic brain injury burden in New Zealand: a population-based incidence and outcomes study

BEAT Fatigue: a pilot study to reduce fatigue after brain injury

Enzogenol supplementation for improving cognitive function in post-TBI subjects: a pilot study

Long-term impact of initial and recurrent TBI in the New Zealand community (BIONIC4You)
A follow of the BIONIC participants 4 years post-injury to see how they are doing.

Can online programmes improve sleep and other outcomes for people following TBI?

Case classification of mild TBI
A review of a TBI cohort using different classification symptoms.

Does Neuroaid improve cognitive ability following mild to moderate brain injury (BRAINS)
A trial using a herbal supplement on adults who have experienced a traumatic train injury.