Global burden of disease stroke project


The Global Burden of Disease (GBD) stroke study aims to generate comparable information on disease burden in 21 regions of the world.

The GBD stroke study conducts systemic reviews of studies to estimate incidence, prevalence, case fatality and cause specific mortality for stroke risk factors. NISAN is the international headquarters for the stroke project and contributes to the GBD study.  The project aims to collate the most comprehensive database of all epidemiological data on stroke. We invite researchers to submit relevant data on stroke incidence, prevalence and outcome.

Members of the stroke expert panel:
Andrew Moran, USA; Myles Connor, UK; Carlene Lawes, NZ; Ralph L Sacco, USA; Derrick Bennett, UK; Rita Krishnamurthi, NZ; Emma Witt, NZ; Suzanne Barker-Collo, NZ; George Mensah, USA; Thomas Truelsen, Denmark; Hannah Gardener, USA; Valery Feigin, NZ (Chairman); Jeyaraj D. Pandian, India; Varsha Parag, NZ; Laurie Anderson, Australia; Wenzhi Wang, China; Majid Ezzati, USA; Yukito Shinohara, Japan; Martin O’Donnell, Ireland.