Stroke riskometer app based research project

E-research Programme to measure and reduce the burden of major non-communicable disorders in the world.


The overarching research objective of this e-health research programme is to develop a smartphone and information technology platform for medical informatics that allows not only collection and storage of reliable epidemiological data about prevelence and determinants of NCD, but also the utilisation of the technology platforms for reducing the burden of these NCD in NZ and internationally. This particular application is to extend the capability of the AUT Stroke Riskometer App and associated AUT IT system to allow e-research data collection.

Based on information collected and completed studies, findings will be used to refine and extend the Stroke Riskometer algorithm in terms of its accuracy and applicability to different populations, and to develop new, evidence-based Apps for the prediction / prevention and management of major NCD in the world.

YouTube about the Stroke Riskometer App.

Funded by:  AUT Strategic Research Investment Fund 2014.