ASTRO: Long-term functional and neuropsychological outcomes after stroke in New Zealand Auckland Stroke Outcomes


  • V Feigin (AUT University)
  • S Barker-Collo (Auckland University)
  • H Senior (Auckland University)
  • CMM Lawes (Auckland University)
  • V Parag (Auckland University)
  • P Brown (Auckland University)

A prospective longitudinal study of long-term (5 to 6-year) stroke outcomes (neuropsychological impairment, impairment, disability, handicap, HRQoL, and survival).

The study sourced its participants and utilised existing baseline, 6-month and 1-year follow-up data from the population-based stroke incidence study carried out in Auckland in 2002-2003.

Comprehensive neuropsychological measurements combined with all major domains of functional outcome measurements (disability, handicap and HRQoL) in the large study sample of long-term (5 to 6-year) stroke survivors with well CT/MRI verified stroke subtypes were the most unique features of this study.

Over 500 stroke survivors and their informal caregivers previously have been enrolled in the study.


Study data collection was completed in May 2009.