International Prevalence of Polio: A Systematic Review

International Prevalence of Polio: A systematic review

This work arose through discussions between researchers at the National Institute for Stroke and Applied Neurosciences and Gordon Jackman, Programme Manager at Polio NZ Inc., regarding the pressing need for accurate estimates of the prevalence of people living with post-polio in New Zealand and worldwide.

The overriding aims were to:

1) Provide a systematic review of the literature on prevalence of polio worldwide.

2) Use findings from the systematic review to estimate prevalence of Polio in New Zealand

3) Use findings to inform a grant application for a full study examining:

  • (i) prevalence of polio
  • (ii) outcomes of polio
  • (iii) the needs of those directly impacted by polio and their family members in New Zealand.


Dr Kelly Jones (AUT University)

Professor Valery Feigin (AUT University)

Associate Professor Alice Theadom (AUT University)

Mr Gordon Jackman (Polio NZ Inc.)

Funded by:

The Sir Thomas and Lady Duncan Trust