Infant TBI genetics study

Contact: Dr Kelly Jones -

This study involved the collection of saliva samples from infants (aged 0-3 years at injury) who participated in a longitudinal, population-based study of traumatic brain injury (TBI) incidence and outcomes in the Hamilton and Waikato region. Infants were identified via the HRC-funded Brain Injury Outcomes New Zealand in the Community (BIONIC) study that examined the incidence and outcomes of TBI in Hamilton/Waikato between 01/03/2010 to 28/02/2011.

This sub-study was carried out in three consecutive stages:

1) Saliva samples were collected from children aged 4-8 years at the time of follow-up who have already participated in extensive BIONIC baseline and follow-up outcome assessments;

2) Saliva samples were sent for DNA extraction and genetic analysis to the University of Auckland; and

3) Child genetic data was added to the existing BIONIC data set containing extensive information about each child's injury and recovery.

By adding genetic information to the data set, researchers will have the ability to begin to examine genetic contributions to recovery from TBI during infancy.