Aging with Stroke and Polio in New Zealand (ASPINZ) study

Contact: Dr Kelly Jones -

This work arose through a need to determine whether or not it is possible to identify and recruit people for a poliomyelitis outcomes study.  We also aimed to find out whether there are differences in the needs of survivors of polio compared to other people who are aging within the content of disability. The overriding aims were to

  1. Assess the feasibility of accurately identifying and recruiting survivors of poliomyelitis via hospital medical records,
  2. Determine the feasibility and acceptability of an in-person impact assessment, and
  3. Compare the self-reported outcomes of poliomyelitis to outcomes of a common and often disabling neurological health event in older populations, being stroke.


  • Dr Kelly Jones (AUT University)
  • Professor Valery Feigin (AUT University)
  • Associate Professor Alice Theadom (AUT University)
  • Mr Gordon Jackman (Polio NZ Inc.)

Funded by: The Sir Thomas and Lady Duncan Trust