International Prevalence of Neuromuscular Conditions: A systematic review

This study was funded by the Neuromuscular Research Foundation Trust and the Richdale Charitable Trust.

A systematic review of the literature was conducted until Oct 30, 2013. Prevalence was provided for neuromuscular conditions overall and by subtype. Based on the international literature a total prevalence of 30.25 cases per 100,000 was estimated, equivalent to 4411 New Zealanders affected by a neuromuscular condition. There was extremely wide variation in prevalence found across international studies, and many differences in the methods of the included studies that made it difficult to compare studies and the estimated prevalence should therefore be used with caution.

A population-based study of prevalence (MD-Prev) was also carried out to provide more accurate prevalence for New Zealand.

Please see the summary of the research findings (December 2017).