Valery Feigin, MD, MSc, PhD, FAAN

10507Current Position:

Professor of Epidemiology and Neurology, Director of the National Institute for Stroke and Applied Neurosciences (NISAN), School of Public Health and Psychosocial Studies, Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences, AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand.

SCOPUS Citation Output: (h-index 56, number of citations 42,000) as of December 2018

Twitter: @FeiginValery

With over 910,000 downloads of his papers (ScienceDirect, December 2018) that have been cited by over 69,600 times (according to Google Scholar) and >42,000 times (by Scopus), Valery’s papers are currently ranked by ScienceDirect in the top 1% by citations. He is the number one scientist in NZ by the number of citations (citation impact factor >110).

Medical and Research Background:

Valery is a certified neurologist and clinical epidemiologist. He graduated in medicine from the State Medical School of Novosibirsk, Russia and undertook advanced training in neurology and clinical epidemiology (Institute of Neurology, Moscow, Russia - PhD; Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, USA and Erasmus University, Rotterdam, the Netherlands - Master of Science in Clinical Epidemiology).

Research Projects:

Valery has contributed to the design and performance of a number of national and international research projects  including:

  • RIBURST study (Reducing the International Burden of Stroke using Mobile Technology)
  • MARS study (Effectiveness of the Stroke Riskometer Pro App / Mobile Apps to Reduce Stroke)
  • The WHO MONICA project
  • Freemasons Health study
  • Auckland Regional Community Stroke (ARCOS) study
  • Traumatic brain injury burden in New Zealand: A population-based incidence & outcomes study (BIONIC and BIONIC4You studies)
  • The Neuroprotection Involving Cooling Evaluation in Stroke study (NICE)
  • Asian Pacific Cohort Studies Collaboration (APCSC)
  • POLYPILL Recruitment pilot study
  • Auckland Stroke Outcomes (ASTRO) study
  • Stroke Attention Rehabilitation Trial (START)
  • Goals and Self Regulation Skills in Brain Injury Rehabilitation
  • POLYPILL IMPACT (Improving Adherence using Combination Therapy) trial projects
  • Disabled by Illness or Injury Study: Does it Matter? study

Journal Editor and Editorial Board member:

  • 2008-present - Editor-in-Chief of Neuroepidemiology
  • 2018-present - Journal of Stroke Medicine
  • 2014-present - American Journal of Trauma and Treatment
  • 2014-present - Neurology, Neuropsychiatry, Psychosomatics
  • 2013-present - Honorary Editorial Board of the Journal of Neurorestoratology
  • 2012-present - Cerebrovascular Disease
  • 2012-2018     - European Medical Journal - Neurology
  • 2011-present - World Journal of Methodology
  • 2011-present - World Journal of Neurology
  • 2011-present - Journal of Geriatric Cardiology
  • 2010-present - Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation
  • 2009-present - Stroke Research and Treatment
  • 2007-2008 - Stroke
  • 2005-present - Acta Clinica Croatica
  • 2005-present - Actualizaciones en neurologia, neurociencias y envejejecimiento
  • 2002-present - Updates in Neurology, Neuroscience and Aging
  • 1999-present - European Journal of Neurology
  • 1997-2002 - The Pain and its treatment

Membership in Professional Societies and other activities:

Valery is a member of numerous professional societies and committees, including:

  • 2018-present: Executive Committee member - World Stroke Organization
  • 2017 - present: International Advisory Board member, International Institute for Brain Health, Croatia
  • 2015 - National Science Challenge - Ageing Well Science Leadership Team
  • 2014 - Brain Research New Zealand, Centre of Research Excellence (CoRE), Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment
  • Founding member of the Scientist Panel on Neuroepidemiology
  • Task Force on Teaching of Clinical Epidemiology of the European Federation of Neurological Societies
  • Faculty member of Educational Activities in Eastern Europe of the European Federation of Neurological Societies
  • 2011-present - World Stroke Organization (Board of Directors 2012-2016)
  • 2013-present – World Stroke Organization Stroke Guidelines and Quality Committee
  • 2010-present - INTERSTROKE Study, Steering Committee member
  • 2010-present - Neurology Association of New Zealand
  • 2010-present - Northern Region Stroke Network
  • 2009-present - American Academy of Neurology, Neuroepidemiology section
  • 2007-2009 - World Federation for NeuroRehabilitation, Management Committee member
  • 2006-2008 - World Stroke Organization, Chair of the Membership Committee
  • 2002-present - Stroke Society of Australasia, Fellow
  • 1998-2000 - European Neurological Society, Fellow
  • 1997- present - American Academy of Neurology, Fellow
  • 1996-2005 - European Federation of Neurological Societies, Chair of the Task Force
  • 1997-1999 - European Society for Clinical Neuropharmacology, Advisory Board member
  • 1995-present - Mayo Alumni Association, Fellow
  • 1992-2002 - Stroke Council of the American Heart Association, Fellow
  • 1989-2006 - International Stroke Society, Fellow

Publications, Awards, Honours:

Valery has authored and/or co-authored:

  • More than 600 scientific publications on stroke epidemiology, prevention and management, including 12 handbooks
  • A number of book chapters and Cochrane systematic reviews
  • Guidelines for physicians, including more than 46 papers in The Lancet and Lancet Neurology

Valery is the recipient of a number of prestigious national and international awards and distinctions, including:

  • The Royal Society of New Zealand’s MacDiarmid Medal, for outstanding research in stroke epidemiology and prevention worldwide, and the development of ground-breaking technology in primary stroke prevention
  • The World Stroke Organization President’s Award for Contributions to Clinical Stroke Research
  • Fogarty International Centre Research Grant Award (National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Stroke of the USA, Mayo Clinic, MN, USA)
  • Bruce Shoenburg International Award and Lecture in Neuroepidemiology (American Academy of Neurology) Gedeon Richter Award for Studies on Cavinton in Acute Stroke
  • Honorary Professor (Novosibirsk State Medical Academy)
  • Professor of Neurology (Russian Academy of Medical Sciences)
  • Affiliate Professor, Department of Global Health, University of Washington, USA

Research Interests:

  • Cerebrovascular disorders (incidence, prevalence, risk factors, outcomes, prognosis, treatment, rehabilitation, health care organisation), dementia (incidence, prevalence, determinants, prevention and management)
  • Traumatic brain injury (incidence, prevalence, prevention, rehabilitation and health care organisation)
  • Clinical epidemiology (especially surveys, case-control studies, cohort studies and randomised controlled clinical trials)
  • Public health (especially in relation to neurological disorders and traumatic brain injury) and neuropsychology

Areas of particular expertise are:

  • Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury prevention
  • Epidemiology and treatment/rehabilitation
  • Neuroepidemiology


As well as attending and presenting at numerous conferences, Valery is Chairman and Founder of:

  • The International Congress on Clinical Neurology and Epidemiology (ICNE)
  • The New Zealand Applied Neurosciences Conference (NZANC)

Publications: (Current year and immediately preceding year only)


Feigin, V.L. et. al. (CENTER-TBI Investigators and Participants) (2019). Variation in neurosurgical management of traumatic brain injury: A survey in 68 centers participating in the CENTER-TBI study. Acta Neurochirurgica. doi:10.1007/s00701-018-3761-z

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