Susan Mahon, PhD

9857Current Position

Senior Lecturer, Programme Leader Rehabilitation Psychology, Registered Psychologist, Research Fellow

"New and Emerging" (C) category in 2018 PBRF assessment

Neuropsychology and Research Background

Susan has worked for NISAN since 2009. She completed her PhD at AUT in 2018 under the supervision of Dr Rita Krishnamurthi and Dr Kelly Jones. Susan has expertise in Neuropsychology and in particular neuropsychological assessment and cognitive rehabilitation in chronic conditions such as stroke. Currently she is a lecturer in the Rehabilitation Psychology programme and paper leader for the Neuropsychological Assessment Paper.  She is also the study manager for a primary prevention stroke study, a phase III randomised clinical trial which uses a health and wellness coaching intervention to improve outcomes for people who are at moderate to high risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Clinical and Research Background

Sue's main interests lie in neuropsychology and her PhD examined the long-term impact stroke has on cognition in 4 year stroke survivors, an extension of the ARCOS-IV project. Since joining AUT in 2009, Susan has worked on a number of large population-based projects funded by the Health Research Council, specifically the fourth Auckland Regional Stroke Outcomes study (ARCOS-IV), an incidence and outcomes study.

Research Methods

Susan is involved in a wide range of quantitative research projects, some of which incorporate qualitative components. Recent research projects include randomised control trial, observational and pilot studies.

Research Interests

Susan has particular interest in cognitive outcomes in adults within the context of a range of neurological and chronic health problems. Research to date has included examining neuropsychological outcomes in  stroke, and traumatic brain injury. She is very interested in developing cognitive rehabilitation interventions for people following stroke and implementation of a standardised protocol for cognitive assessment in the acute setting as well as continued monitoring of cognitive function over time. Her Postdoctoral research will involve conducting a pilot trial, implementing an intensive cognitive rehabilitation intervention after stroke. She is also collecting some normative data for the Montreal Cognitive Assessment and Oxford Cognitive Screen.

Teaching Areas

Susan is Paper Leader for the Neuropsychological Assessment paper PYSC-819, which is part of the post-graduate Rehabilitation Programme Semester 2 and teaches on the Rehabilitation Psychology Paper PSYC805 (Semester 1). Sue also lectures in a number of under graduate papers, Brain and Behaviour - PSCY605 and Biopsychology - PSYC-704. She teaches neuroanatomy, research methods in brain and behaviour, cells, neurological disorders, stroke and TBI, cognition and stroke. She is currently supervising Honours and Masters students.

Awards and Honours

In 2010, Susan was a member of a research team that was awarded the AUT Vice-Chancellors Research Team Excellence Award (National Institute for Stroke and Applied Neurosciences Team). In 2014 she was awarded the prestigious Neurological Foundation "Gillespie Scholarship" for her PhD and most recently the 2018 SRIF Post-Doctoral Fellowship.

For more details, see Susan's AUT staff profile.



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