Hinemoa Elder

10488Hinemoa has a career long interest in exploring research methodologies and methods, particularly around examining in what ways western approaches to research and practice work for Māori.  She has longstanding relationships with all levels of stakeholders related to Māori health and well-being from tangata whaiora (consumers) and whānau, Māori communities, marae, treatment providers and researchers, particularly vulnerable tamariki/mokopuna who come to the attention of the law.

Her professional roles and expertise involve a wide range of connections at the complex interface of youth forensics, including policy work, service development, education, care and protection, police, courts, Judges and primary care. Hinemoa has particular interest in the areas of traumatic brain injury and intellectual disability as they relate to Māori youth offenders, with strong commitment to the use of research and whānau knowledge for prevention purposes.