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On this page you will find media news reports of NISAN's projects that are more than 2 years old. For more recent items please refer to our media page.

Stroke and Stroke Riskometer

Western Leader - Stroke Riskometer app could save lives. 16 November 2015

NZ Doctor - New Zealand scientists launch world's largest health study. 10 June 2015

NZ Doctor - Riskometer targets patients who have little to learn from CVD risk assessment. 10 June 2015

Indo-Asian News Service. Smartphone Study Aims to Help Save Lives From Non-Communicable Illnesses. 29 May

Scoop Independent News. New Zealand scientists launch world's largest health study. 29.05.15

YouTube - identifying stroke risk

Capital FM Radio
, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  Meera Sivasothy talks to Prof. Valery Feigin and Dr Ramesh Sahathevan about the Stroke Riskometer and how it can be applied to Malaysia

TVNZ One News
. New app designed to monitor stroke risk

Scoop Independent News. New app to detect ticking time bomb in your head

MindFood. New app hopes to reduce stroke incidence

Stop Press. App finds out if your time is ticking

Tech Transfer Central. App developed by NZ researcher tells users risk of having stroke

Scoop Independent News. Stroke app provides hope in the face of concerning stats.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Tagata Pasifika Wesley Lagolago on the panel of Tagata Pasifika discussing the Pasifika findings from the BIONIC study on traumatic brain injury.
TVNZ Breakfast
(live interview). Dr Alice Theadom on traumatic brain injury within Pacific people of New Zealand.

TVNZ One News
(live interview). Dr Alice Theadom on brain injury concern for Pacific Islanders.

Live News
. Scientists to tackle Traumatic Brain Injury

Māori Health Review
.  Latest review in Māori health
Brain injuries outrate stroke, heart attacks in NZ. International coverage. 22 November 2012.

TVNZ One News
. ACC urged to improve for brain injury victims

. Brain injuries : "silent epidemic"

Radio Rhema
(live interview). Professor Valery Feigin : on brain trauma

Central News
(live interview). Associate Professor Nicola Starkey and Dr Kelly Jones on traumatic brain injury.

Stroke Foundation of New Zealand

Stroke prevention strategy needs overhaul. The case for government intervention and a regulatory approach to reduce the incidence of stroke in New Zealand is urgent, says the Stroke Foundation (November 2015).
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The Brain Injury Whānau Action Project

Our expert Senior Research Fellow, Dr Alice Theadom, speaking at The Brain Injury Whānau Action Project (BIWAP) the first ever wānanga, October 2015.
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Radio New Zealand National

Professor Valery Feigin on the existing stroke prevention strategy in New Zealand. 23 November 2015.
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Geomagnetic Storms Can Trigger Stroke

A Podcast - Rick "The Temp" Campanelli talks to Valery Feigin about research into geomagnetic storms and whether they can trigger stroke. TVNZ One News. New possible culprit for strokes unearthed.

Global Burden of Disease Study

Special issue of Neuroepidemiology. October 2015. This special issue is dedicated to the 'global burden of stroke'.

Nurse Magazine and Internet. Stroke increasingly affecting younger people Worldwide

Screen For Life. Stroke burden on the rise in younger adults

World Global stroke burden update.

Healthy Living

3News. Take tax off healthy food

. Interview with Mark Sainsbury on Obesity

.  Kiwis' expanding waistlines revealed in new study

NZ Herald.
NZ fattest nation in Australasia - study

Radio New Zealand
. Obesity among NZ men grows fastest in world
. The growing problem of obesity - experts respond

Spasifik Mag
. FREE Online Pacific Peoples Health Magazine. Turn your life around


Brain injuries at epidemic levels.The New Zealand Herald, 11 April 2014.

New Zealand’s rate of traumatic brain injury has reached “epidemic proportions”3 News, 22 November 2012.

Professor Valery Feigin: on Brain Trauma
Rhema Mornings, 23 November 2012.

ACC urged to improve for brain injury victims.
TVNZ National News. November 23, 2012.

Brain injuries "a silent epidemic"- a first of its kind study in New Zealand. Prof. Valery Feigin. TVNZ Breakfast Television, Saturday November 24, 2012

'Epidemic' of brain injuries in NZ - study
By Abby Gillies.  The New Zealand Herald.  Thursday Nov 22, 2012.


Pine-bark extract helps brain function
By Sarah Harvey

TVNZ Seven Sharp's coverage of pine bark:


Development of the standards of reporting of neurological disorders (STROND) checklist: a guideline for the reporting of incidence and prevalence studies in neuroepidemiology. Article in European Journal of Epidemiology, 2015, 30(7), 569-576.